D&Dish RPG: Allegiances


In a previous post I discussed ditching alignments in favor of d20 Modern’s allegiances mechanic. Since I enjoy writing up home-brewed material as if it were published material, here is what I have so far:


Allegiances help define a character’s values. An allegiance may be to an individual, organization, place, or ideal.

Example allegiances:
Individual. Family member, friend, political figure, leader of professional guild, mentor, love interest, planar power
Organization. Military order, religious order or sect, secret society, cult, coven, professional guild, college, university
Place. Kingdom, city, town, village, hamlet, temple, shrine, grave site, inn, tavern
Ideal. Tradition, change, honor, glory, power, charity, knowledge, freedom, pleasure, beauty, creativity, revenge, justice

Pledging Allegiance

At level 1 a player may select up to three allegiances for his or her character, listed in order from most to least important.  A character may have no allegiances or change or discard allegiances throughout their life. If a character acts in a way that is extremely detrimental to his or her allegiance, the DM may choose to remove that character’s allegiance.

When interacting with someone with a similar allegiance—once the shared allegiance is discovered—the character receives a +1 bonus to reaction rolls, and NPCs receive a +1 to morale checks.

Allegiances as a DM Tool

The DM should use characters’ allegiances to tie the characters to the game setting. Also, the DM may use characters’ allegiances to help detail the game setting by working with players to detail organizations, places, and NPCs to which the players have allegiances. Characters’ allegiances may also be used as inspiration for plots hooks and quests.


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