Ten Games I Will Never Play Again

10. Bang!

What a snooze-fest.


9. Risk Legacy

Once the excitement of opening new packets is over, you’re stuck with regular Risk; it’s like spraying perfume on a turd.


8. Machi Koro



7. Settlers of Catan



6. Munchkin

Steve Jackson sucks.


5. Mansions of Madness

Being a Lovecraft fan, I wanted to like this one so much; you can’t always get what you want.

mansions of madness

4. Imperial Settlers


imperial settlers

3. Firefly

A great show deserves a great game; that didn’t happen here.


2. Cards Against Humanity

Do people still play this? A couple of times playing is all that’s required for it to get old.

cards against humanity

1. Werewolf

Worst party game ever invented.



7 thoughts on “Ten Games I Will Never Play Again

  1. Holy cow! A top ten board game list I agree with 100%! Of all the games that was a let-down, however, Firefly was the worst. It really deserved a game worthy of the show, and instead they got…a game that plays much like talking to a long-winded bloated uncle who spends every waking hour at a laundromat counting the number of times his clothes go around…and around…and around… so sad.


  2. Good reviews require a why as well as the statement of you like or do not like something. Certainly you are entitled to your own opinion, but why didnt you like these games. Clearly some of them you thought we boring, but what mechanic made them boring to you?

    While you lived up to the title of your article, I might have been interested in reading what you didnt like about some of these games, as at least one of them I was considering buying, but this review tells me nothing other than you didnt like it. So I am still considering buying it.


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